Anja's Singabend

It started with a dream and a vision in 2006: come together with people from all generations in one evening to sing songs from all sorts of genres (rock, pop, evergreens, folk songs, pop, soul, folk, etc)  spontaneously and in a relaxed atmosphere, to share the joy of music. This  dream has long come true.

"Anja's Singabend"  is spontaneous, passionate, exciting, easy, emotional, highly musical with no claim to perfection, goes to the heart, with a lot of humor and full-blooded-woman entertainment.

Reports in the WDR, ZDF (Heute Journal) Pro Sieben, various press reports. Meanwhile, not only songs of all genres are sung together, we dance, improvise, laugh and (sometimes) cry; there are special themed evenings and due to the large demand: evening with hometownsongs.

Four generations now sing at one evening regularly songs like: Im schönsten Wiesengrunde, Highway to Hell, Love me again, Je ne regrette rien, 17 Jahr blondes Haar, Streets of London etc. Up to 2500 songs so far - open end. Song wishes go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Eight-minute live recording of a 2-hour program from the 04.14.2015 in Steinhof